About Jeffrey Thomas Ball

Jeffrey BallHello,

My name is Jeff, I am a filmmaker and photographer currently employed at Oregon Health and Science University where I am a Director of Photography on a small film crew. 

I also freelance in Portland, OR., and the Northwest region filling the roles of Director of Photography, 1st Assistant Camera and Camera Operator on a variety of film projects.  I also provide documentary style photography and environmental portraiture to journalistic and commercial clients.

A little over a year ago I returned to the United States from Ukraine where I spent two years as a volunteer in the Peace Corps working in a small rural school, learning to speak Russian, and making photographs.

I am a member of the Oregon Media Producers Association, you can follow me on Instagram at "JEFF_BALL_PDX"

If you are hoping to fill a role on an upcoming project or think we might be able to collaborate in some way please get in touch.

Thank you for visiting,