Mohs Surgery Promo for OHSU Dermatology Clinic from Jeff Ball on Vimeo.

An outreach video produced for the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, an environmental
non-profit in Portland, Oregon. It features the members of the organization telling the story of
their work.  To learn more about the organization and the natural area where they work
go to


Hunting game is a short documentary that explores the hunting culture of northern Colorado.
It features several characters who are involved with hunting and describes how hunting is
crucial to the local economy.

Fadi Al Quess Mekhael immigrated to the United States from Bagdad Iraq in 2010. He is restarting
his life and career with the help of the International Rescue Committee. The INC is an international
non-profit organization that resettles refugees from conflict zones.

"Building A School Bathroom" was a fundraising project I did while serving in the Peace Corps in 
Ukraine from 2011-2013.  Through various grants from water related non-profits, email marketing,
social media and this video I was able to raise $8,000 in preparation for building a plumbed 
bathroom facility in the school where I worked.  Due to a variety of factors that included internal 
corruption inside the school we were unable to complete the project.  The funding went towards 
other Peace Corps volunteer projects. 

We're Never Going Home is a story about a mother and her children, the love that they share and
obstacles they try to overcome. This story deals with child homelessness, methamphetamine 
addiction and the impression that a parent has on their children.